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Happenings I will share with you.


  I help motivated women achieve their dreams;

whether it's getting a raise, finding more family time, having less stress or rediscovering a passion long buried.

     1m​[email protected]                        321-361-8181          ZOOM; PHONE; in PERSON (Palm Bay Area)



You're life is in upheaval; information is not forthcoming; our leaders can't agree-stay home, don't stay home- and I'm sure some of you are ready to put your hands around your spouse's throat! Little did you realize that "better or worse" would come in the form of forced time together. Seriously, when we are busy, we can ignore the red flags of our relationship. Panic, and the unknown, bring out the survival in us and kindness disappears. This does not have to mean breakups or divorce. Use these conversations to stay on track.


Sincerely, Marvis

The 4 Horsemen of Conversation

Healthy communication will not allow these patterns to be invited into-or allowed to stay- your relationship.

According to research at the Gottman Institute, these communication styles can predict the end of a relationship. Criticism; Contempt; Defensiveness; and Stonewalling.

To get the completer report, leave your e-mail address.

[email protected]

My Promise to You: Mission Statement

I promise to use my education; life skills; personal divorce experience; and result's-orientated personality to support you thru the pain and uncertainty of divorce, getting you on the path to your new future.

 I also have a referral list of professionals you might need on your journey. If I can't help you, I will say so.

   If this appeals to you, connect with me to learn more.

                 [email protected]       321-361-8181

                 ZOOM; PHONE; in PERSON (Palm Bay area)    

                Guarenteed Confidential!

Rising Above the Competition

I will partner with you to help you find your life balance.

Welcome. I'm Marvis and I'm a certified professional divorce and life-transition's coach. I graduated from the International Life Coaching Institute in 2018 and am a member of the ICF Central Florida, (International Coaching Federation of Tampa/Orlando). I graduated from Certified Divorce Coach Training in 2019. I am an active member of the Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce.

My specialty is helping abused women going thru divorce.

With our partnership, she will find her strengths, regain her dignity and avoid the 6 biggest mistakes of divorce while being in a safe, confidential space.

My specialty is abused women, and those who want to rediscover their JOY and PASSION!

My personal experiences set me apart. I will guide you as you explore yours.

Call now for a free discovery session to see what coaching can do for you! 321-361-8181

Get to MEET  Me!

Mark your calendar for this event. I will be there to answer any questions you have about coaching and there will be a give away of a three coaching session(including the discovery session that is always free of charge)!

Stop by my table and say HI.

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